Chimica e cosmesi

Chemistry and Cosmetics

AMBADUÉ is founded on the knowledge of the chemistry of beauty, functional and delicate on the skin. Highly concentrated formulas with actives of vegetal and biological derivation.
 A perfect balance of vegetal raw materials and the most innovative biochemical technology to take care of yourself in a biological, vegan and Italian way.
 The professionalism of cosmetic chemists and the continuing research with the University of Torino 's Chemistry Department, enable the AMBADUÉ laboratory to produce functional and safe cosmetics, with formulas that are highly concentrated, ecosustainable, dermatologically tested and certified. AMBADUÉ's products do NOT contain: slicone, slack wax, parabens, PEG, PPG, EDTA, SLS, SLES, BHA, BHT, OGM or any raw materials of animal origin.

ambadue-Maria Paola Merlo