About Us

Dr.ssa Maria Paola Merlo - Chemist

Maria Paola Merlo was born and grew up in Turin. She is Margherita’s mum. In 2009 she graduated in Chemistry, subsequently specializing in Environmental Chemistry and obtaining a Masters degree at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. Her passion for science has guided her in her life choices and career. Years of study led to her thorough understanding of the concept of chemistry and moving away from the negative connotation it is usually associated with. This way of thinking has brought her to the creation of AMBADUÉ - the science of nature, a line of cosmetics which joins nature with the most innovative biochemical technology. Her philosophy is: everything is #questionedichimica

ambadue-Maria Paola Merlo

Our story

The beginning (2015)

Maria Paola Merlo opened her cosmetics laboratory with the aim of creating a line of functional, dermo-compatible and ecosustainable products. Together with Daniela Gaudiello, a university lecturer, she carries out research on innovative actives, efficient and in accordance with the eco-organic cosmetics guidelines (there are about 10,000 substances that cannot be used in eco-organic cosmetics). For a chemist, the search for raw materials is an extremely exciting moment and the discussions between Maria Paola e Daniela are some of the most important moments in the formulation of the AMBADUé line. Great care is taken in the formulation: the focus is on the excellence of the raw materials and on the cosmetic's final feeling on the skin.

2015-the present

After two years of research and formulations, the first products in the AMBADUÉ line are ready to be launched. The laboratory is already formulating new products and collaborates with the University of Torino (Chemistry Department) to guarantee the best results.